Latest Past Sessions

Sustainability Hackathon

60 South Lincoln St, Washington

Location: BURNETT 203    In less than 30 minutes, teams of up to 4 members, are challenged to produce the most innovative, creative and effective responses to a shared problem/question around sustainability that confronts the campus community. The competition will be judged by a panel of W&J's sustainability experts, and the winning team will be…

Corruption: what it is, why it happens, and how to fight it

60 South Lincoln St, Washington

Location: BURNETT 109    In this session, Student Government Association Vice President Jacob Davis and Dr. Ryan will guide a conversation about corruption and ethical leadership on campus. First, Jacob will present his research on how levels of democracy, public awareness, and transparency might affect levels of corruption in countries across the world The goal…

Artificial Intelligence and Misinformation

60 South Lincoln St, Washington

Location: BUR 114 (Yost Auditorium)   Considering the rampant rise of A.I. tools and misinformation, the average person's civic responsibility has expanded to include more tech savvy strategies than perhaps previously required. With news stories and images relying more and more on A.I. generation, misinformation about current events, political entities, governmental organizations and NGOs, etc.…