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Agency for the Common Good: How Individuals, Social Movements and Institutions Can Positively Influence Democracy

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February 21 @ 11:30 am - 2:15 pm EST

Location: J.D. Ross Recreation Center 


Welcome remarks by: Dr. John C. Knapp
Introduction of Speaker 1: Dr. John C. Knapp

Dr. David Seigel – Academic freedom is under assault. Hardly a day passes without news of yet another state legislative bill or policy initiative designed to restrict, suppress, or otherwise control curricular content and conversation at colleges and universities. What can we do to protect the spirit of free inquiry in the face of increasingly brazen governmental intrusions into classroom spaces and campus affairs? Coordinated protest and other forms of collective action undertaken by postsecondary institutions, professional organizations, and associations can help to oppose political overreach. Additionally, we need to look to individualized guerrilla tactics – including the use of encryption, evasion, and even escape – as crucial assets in our repertoire of multilateral resistance.

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Introduction of Speaker 2: Joseph Ioli

Rosa Clemente – We the people build power through community organizing, and in this workshop, Rosa Clemente shows us how. By examining the history of select social justice movements of the last 50 years and sharing the speaker’s personal narratives as an organizer, scholar-activist, and independent journalist, Rosa shows audiences how building movements provides space for people to work together for a common social, political, and cultural goal. She also outlines how to move from social media moments and viral hashtags to decentralized movements. What is needed for an idea of the few to be transformed to an idea of many? How do we build movements that are non-hierarchical? How do we make sure these organizing efforts are inclusive of the multiple identities that we all carry? The workshop will provide tools that we use to inspire and engage young people to become community activists and organizers.

Q&A Session moderated by J. Ioli.


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February 21
11:30 am - 2:15 pm
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Washington & Jefferson College
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Rosa Clemente

Rosa Alicia Clemente is an award-winning organizer, speaker, political commentator, producer, independent journalist, scholar-activist and former vice presidential...

Dr. David J. Siegel

David J. Siegel is professor of educational leadership at East Carolina University. He is the author of The...